The Most Epic Game Glitch of All Time: Ascension of the Jackdaw [Video]



Now that’s what I call a glitch of EPIC proportion!

Game: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

[Whacken Blight | Via TA]

17 Responses to The Most Epic Game Glitch of All Time: Ascension of the Jackdaw [Video]

    • You have a blindness issue? The ocean suddenly opened up into a gaping hole for no reason. Random characters float in the hole in mid air and then die. They ascend into the sky for no apparent reason (other than religious symbolism), and then a ship floats up from the bowels of the earth tho fill the gap. And you don’t get it? wow.

      • Having never played or seen the game, and having no idea what is going on, what has happened up to that point, or the context of what is going on, it’s pretty easy to not know what the glitch was. I was thinking maybe it was something like the rapture.

        • So the reason you dont recognize that its weird for holes to appear in the ocean, defying all laws of physics, and then for people to float in midair, then ascend up into the sky, then for a ship to rise up out of the hole in the ocean….is because you didnt play a video game? Are you delusional?

      • I’ve never played the game and I know it’s NOT a glitch because it happened to ‘neatly’…glitches don’t happen for your amusement and clean up after themselves, this is obviously some type of feature. wow.

  1. Ascension of the Jackdaw – like Captain JACK Sparrow – this could be the ship that was submerged at the start of the first pirates of the Caribbean movie :O