The Science of Superheroes: Why Thor Makes more Sense Than Superman Scientifically [Video]


Kind of makes sense when you think about it… plus, if it comes from Stan Lee and Marvel , it must be true! ;)

Speaking or Mr. Lee, that man is already 90 years old! Can you believe it? If I get to that age, I wish I’ll still look as good and as sane as him!

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  1. But at least you can extrapolate something “plausible” from the basis he laid down. For example, Peter Parker being bitten by the “radioactive spider” causes a series of mutations that changed peter parker at the genetic level. Thor’s hammer can allow him to fly because it is made of a hyper-dense material (forged from the heart of a neutron star?) that is so dense/heavy that when he throws it, it’s mass drags him along effortlessly. Science fact? Of course not. But at least there is enough “rubber science” involved to pass the muster for the general populace. Superman being able to shove around planets, Fly with no action/reaction effects and fire laser beams from his eyes because he is an Alien from another world and our “Yellow Sun” gives him these powers…not so much. (to be fair, more recent DC characters and comics adhere to “rubber science” as Marvel does, to a degree. But I still find the majority of Marvel characters to be more believable than DC characters)

    • actually superman mode of transportation is simple and easy to understand
      1 he has a small aura that surrounds his body acts as a shield he has a conscious control of said aura allowing him to extend said aura around an object allowing him to telekinetically move said object. this is exactly how he flies. he can control the aura and move himself through the air

      • Did they come up with this reasoning before or after the ‘psychic aura that stops people recognising him when he puts on glasses’? I feel that DC says ‘We want the hero to have these powers’ and doesn’t even think about the pseudoscience until people start pointing out how unbelievable they are, which is fine, but Marvel says ‘We want these powers, now what pseudo-science do we need to make them believable’ before they write the first book. Of course ‘Mutants’ has become the lazy answer when they can’t think of anything else, so it’s not like they’re that much better.

      • So then how does he fly through space? There aren’t a lot of objects to connect his aura with when in deep space, unless of course, his aura can extend to a few hundred lightyears..?

        • It doesn’t matter. Space isn’t empty, his “aura” could grab onto magnetic fields and push off of those, not to mention solar plasma. If anything, if his body absorbs Yellow Sun radiation, and that makes him stronger, then being in space without the filter of an atmosphere would super charge said aura and allow him to go much further.

        • he does not require to grab onto an item with his aura. he can telekinetically control it(ie moving it with his mind)

  2. “rubber band science” is correct. Looks plausible but actually is stretched to near breaking point upon further examination

    the math probably will debunk thor’s hammer, using stuff like equal and opposite reaction thingie

  3. That’s one character’s ability to fly explained. Only 1262 to go! (according to the list of marvel characters who can fly in the Marvel Wikia) =P

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, he’s just kidding around. =)

  4. Superman flies with tactile telekinesis (at least give me points for spelling it correctly lol). Whatever superman touches he can levitate. Including himself. This is backed up by the fact that while superman HAS superhuman strength is will NOT allow him to lift mountains. They would crumble under their own weight. But they DON’T.

    Several examples exist that support this (if you need them) in the superman movies. (no the good ones with Chris reeve)

    (1) Superman was able to grab a helicopter with ONE HAND by just it’s struts. I don’t care if Superman was physically strong enough to lift that helicopter it would crush under it’s own weight if he grabbed it there.

    (2) Superman “flying” with Lois Lane on their “date”. She was actually being levitated by superman and what happened as soon as he let go? The same thing that happened to Margo Kidder’s career. It sank.

    (3) Floating on water. Zod and company didn’t “fly” they levitated.

    I could go on but you get the point. Kryptonians don’t “fly”. There’s no rockets attached to their butts. They float objects they can touch. Including themselves. It’s been this way for a while.

    One final note:

    Throwing a hammer to fly!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Newton would have laughed just as hard!!!!!!!!! So would Einstein.

    • exactly also if his hammer is made up of neutron matter it would weigh more than like 300 billion elephants

  5. One thing I’m not following, doesn’t seem to be picked up either. Is how Rouge / Ms Marvel flies whose clearly Marvel characters and don’t have the weather or magnetic forces enabling them to do so. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no bashing any of the comics. Also if superman doesn’t fly, and it is just a jump then how does he change direction and also speed up, slow down whilst in the air?!

  6. What ?? i mean how does Ms. Marvel flies then ?? does she shoots beam from her ass or something .. and how does thor levitates ?? just DC rivalry i think ..