Scenes from Popular Movies and TV Shows Recreated in GTA V [Video]


GTA V is an awesome game. At least we think it is. We haven’t been able to get past all the movie and TV show references.

Here’s the list of references:

1. Vacation
2. Breaking Bad
3. Back to the Future
4. Speed
5. The Fugitive
6. Knight Rider
7. Jaws
8. Teen Wolf
9. Matrix Reloaded
10. Miami Vice
11. The Italian Job (the apparently-hated American version)
12. Kill Bill
13. Jurassic Park

[Cinema Sins]

6 Responses to Scenes from Popular Movies and TV Shows Recreated in GTA V [Video]

  1. I normally don’t make comments on sites like this and I am hoping that it was left out simply because it was so obvious that no one could miss it but…the entire mission where they rob the armored car is essentially a frame-by-frame re-creation from Heat.

  2. This video was an intense waste of time. The only thing that made these scenes from the game anything like their movie and TV counterparts was the audio. I have played through the whole thing and I didn’t see any one of these shows/films pointed out.

  3. i don’t think this is meant to be literal you grumpy d*ks.. i think it’s dumber to sit there and b*tch about it’s authenticity when it’s obviously a joke.