Four Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again [Video]


This is a warning cloaked in a love letter. Our shot over the bow aimed at Disney and the team behind the upcoming Star Wars films. This is our chance to redeem Star Wars. JJ Abrams, please don’t mess this up.

Would you add any other rules to this video? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

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15 Responses to Four Rules to Make Star Wars Great Again [Video]

    • Well, it WAS inspired by westerns and most of the original trilogy takes place in barren areas… But that’s because that is the setting you must have when you have rebels. When the good guys were in charge, they lived in cities. It’s an obvious difference between the two trilogies, and it makes sense… It isn’t something to complain about, I agree.

      • And it was equally inspired by Chanbarra Samurai movies and Wuxia movies (the Shaw Brothers variety back in the 60s and 70s!) Though naturally, that… does not mean that those three genres did not borrow HEAVILY from each other. ;)

  1. I would add that you should always look to the original material and build off it. That was one of the MANY things I hated about the prequels. George contradicted his own material. Leia remembered her mother, but her mother died when she was born?! How would Uncle Owen know anything about Luke’s father if he only met him once?

    All I would say to J.J. is that Star Wars fans are a lot less forgiving when our stuff is fucked up so please don’t try re write a timeline or blind us with lens flare. Save that shit for Start Trek fans, they accept anything (case in point: Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

  2. What JJ Abrams will learn from these rules:
    1. Set these movies entirely on Tatooine, Dagobah and Hoth and don’t introduce many new worlds.
    2. Obstruct everything with lighting effects.
    3. Mystery Box! Explain nothing! Tease plot twists and spoiler warnings and never deliver.
    4. Advertise it as a kid’s movie, then have horrifying, shocking violence, especially from our heroes.

    Rules I propose:
    1. Get out of Coruscant as quickly as possible (here I and the video guy agree)
    2. Don’t let Orci, Kurtzman, or especially Lindelof touch the script.
    3. Bring back OT things and characters for continuity’s sake, but these movies belong to a new generation. History doesn’t repeat or rhyme. It moves forward.
    4. Kock off the lens flares and shaky-cam.
    5. There is no time travel in Star Wars.

    • I agree. Especially with the lens flare crap. That was just ridiculous. Why the hell would anyone think that looks good in a movie?

      And it would be awesome if they used the canon for what happens after the OT, but I’m pretty sure they’ll just completely destroy everything that’s been established and come up with some generic action movie crap like the Star Trek films did.

      And for the love of god no cutesy crap. I mean, in the OT, R2 basically had the “cute” stuff covered with his beeps and whistles. That was enough. The new trilogy just destroyed any credibility Star Wars had as soon as Jar Jar came on screen. And having super cute Ani kid being the big hero… that was nauseating.