Top 10 Mind-Bending Facts about Doctor Who [Video]

Watch as Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman list 10 Mind Bending facts about Doctor Who.

[Nerdist & BBCAmericaTV]

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      • I’m guessing it’s BBC America’s Doctor Who as these videos were filmed for the BBC America channel. It doesn’t mean Doctor Who wholly belongs to BBC’s American channel, just that the intended audience for these videos *would* watch it on there (:

  1. My sister decided she was going to watch every single episode of doctor who. She started in the summer of 2010, doing roughly an episode a day (sometimes forgot lol). She’s just about done now! She started with 3 (her favorite doctor) and wound her way through 11, and went back to 1 and 2. She’s on the last few episodes of 1 right now. Course…2′s generation makes it hard to watch his episodes, but there are scripts and picture episodes online that she’ll read.