The Evolution of Gaming Consoles: From 1967 to 2013 [Pic]

The evolution of gaming consoles, from 1967 to today. Do you see any consoles missing from this infographic? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Evolution of Gaming Consoles
Source: The Evolution of Gaming Consoles

17 Responses to The Evolution of Gaming Consoles: From 1967 to 2013 [Pic]

  1. Ah, the dangers of copy and paste… I’m guessing the creator copy and pasted the console names in order to quickly maintain formatting, because the label on the Atari Jaguar is the label for the Panasonic 3DO below it. :) (i.e. you’ve got a typo.)

  2. Proud owner of a Magnavox Odyssey 2 here! That system was a blast. With knock-off games like K.C. Munchkin (Pac-Man) and Pick Axe Pete (Donkey Kong), I kept myself entertained for hours on end as a kid. This post brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

  3. if you include the milton bradley microvision (not macrovision–i wore that damn thing out!), the first portable cartridge-based gaming system, shouldn’t you also include the game boy, psp, etc.?

  4. In present days graphic is better but you will never get a realistic looking gun and steering wheel in the starter pack like in the old times. (coleco telestar arcade)

  5. The prices of most consoles are wrong… In what universe the first playstation price was 299$? Not in mine…