“It’s a Disney Thing” [Comic]

Onezumi created this comic to juxtapose how many fans of Marvel were upset by its purchase by Disney versus the positive result (so far) the Mouse House has had on the comics company.

Wonder how Onezumi will feel about the Disney-Star Wars purchase, though, once all the movies and spin-offs start…

It's Cuddlin Time

[Source: Onezumi]

3 Responses to “It’s a Disney Thing” [Comic]

  1. I disagree!

    I keep hearing how every geek from here to Tattooine complaining about how Disney is going to kid-iffy all of their favorite geek properties and make them childish and harmless!

    Let’s think about some of the stories that Disney has given us over the years, shall we?

    — A woman uses dark magic to poison her stepdaughter. A bunch of hairy men push a giant rock on top of her.
    — A pirate tries to murder an eternally young boy and his friends. He gets eaten by a crocodile.
    — An adorable young deer copes with having his mother being shot to death by a guy with a rifle.
    — A feature-length movie explores classical music from the viewpoint of someone that is obviously tripping balls. It ends with a giant demon the size of a mountain.
    — A young boy made of wood starts a life of drinking, smoking, and shooting pool. He’s eaten by a whale.
    — A teenage girl sells her soul to a witch. Her boyfriend stabs the witch in the guts with a splintered shaft of wood.
    — A noble lion gets murdered by his brother as his son is forced to watch.
    — A young woman is kidnapped and forced to remove a curse for a group of zombie pirates. Their captain is shot in the chest at the film’s conclusion.

    Explain to me again why people are afraid that Marvel Comics and Star Wars will be ruined by Disney? 0_o

  2. We should all be grateful that Disney has bought Marvel. 6 Reasons…

    #1. Remember in the late 90s when Marvel was ready to go out of business? Now that will never happen.

    #2. Someone was going to buy them. Lets all thank god it wasn’t SONY.

    #3. This has allowed Marvel to create it’s own film studio and bring all of their (not already licensed) characters under one roof. This might not have been possible if Marvel was still dealing with so many studios. We can thank Disney for that wonderful run of movies from Iron Man to Avengers.

    #4. Disney has a long history of owning things and not ruining them. Have they ruined Pixar? The Muppets? They’ve owned the Muppets since Jim Henson’s death. Not only have they not integrated the Muppets into their universe of Disney characters, they haven’t really changed the Muppets at all. They’ve added two characters. More importantly, Disney has made several attempts over the past 20 years to keep the Muppet brand alive and profitable. Most recently they gave us the nostalgic Muppet movie with Bradley Cooper, and people seemed to agree that it was classic Muppets. There was nothing Disney about it. But my favorite piece of evidence? Baby Einstein. Have any of you ever had to watch a Baby Einstein video? Disney owns that brand. I can only imagine the sheer magnitude of will and self-discipline it must have taken Disney execs to keep themselves from just plopping Mickey and Donald and Pluto and the gang all over those videos. Yet they haven’t.

    #5. Disney is just in it for the little boy demographic. They aren’t interested in running Marvel. They’re interested in selling merchandise to boys on the same level that they do with girls. For years, Disney has had the little girl demographic locked down. Just think of the Disney Princess line of toys and clothing and games. But boys? They haven’t been able to see the same numbers from things like Pirates of the Caribbean and Tron. Sure they sell tickets, but not nearly as many toys. Marvel can sell toys. Star Wars can sell toys. Disney knows that boys see Disney as a kids brand or a girl brand, and they try to outgrow it. But Marvel and Star Wars? Now we’re talking claws, guns, and laser swords.

    #6. Disney has owned Marvel for a few years now. If they were planning on “Disnifying” the Marvel universe, surely we would have seen some evidence of this by now.

  3. Didn’t disney buy marvel before “The Avengers”? And i know we all hated that one. guess disney just doesn’t know how to make money or a quality product. They probably wont last much longer anyway, sorta like pockets or the internet.