A Fangirl Tribute to Superman [Pic]



These two pictures are from Carolina, a Superman fan who currently works in NZ on the team which is responsible for creating the special effects on The Hobbit. Carolina currently blogs in Spanish over at her blog, Geek is the new Sexy. Pictures by Kerp Photography.

Update: As confirmed by Carolina, the inspiration behind this picture comes from a photography by Edson Carlos featuring the lovely Rosalind Friday. Carolina told me she will soon be updating the blog post presenting the pictures on her site accordingly.


Model: Carolina Jimenez Garcia
Photography: Kerp Photography

10 Responses to A Fangirl Tribute to Superman [Pic]

  1. Wow, this looks exactly like a set done by photographer Edson Carlos a few years ago with pinup Rosalind Friday.

  2. Wow, it’s always cool to see artists give a tip of the hat to other artists they admire! Edson Carlos and Rosalind Friday will be very flattered to see this tribute to a shoot they did 2 years ago!