New Spacesuit Makes Astronauts Look Like Buzz Lightyear [Pic]

Now, don’t get me wrong: I am ALL FOR some Toy Story, but I feel like this Buzz Lightyear-looking flight suit is a bit…silly. Perhaps it’s the neon green piping?


This Z-1 prototype will soon be replaced by the Z-2 and Z-3 models, and there’ s no word on what those look like.

Regardless of look, the new suits have been designed for extraplanetary travel and a large port is attached to the back of each suit, allowing for quicker and easier access to and from the suit, as well as allowing the astronauts to “dock” themselves to spacecraft, like the ISS, if work needs to be done to the exterior. The prototype also has bearings in the suit’s joints for greater flexibility.

To Infinity…and Beyond! (or at least to Mars, amirite?!)

[Via Geekologie]