Geek Girl Pinup Poster for a Good Cause


Geeks Are Sexy reader and pinup model Rosalind Friday is on a mission to raise some money for a good cause; she and photographer Edson Carlos designed the poster above as an incentive for donations to Hero Initiative, an organization that raises funds for comic book creators, artists, and writers with medical expenses or other hardships.

The poster  is only available at the Hero Initiative booth at DragonCon 2011 in exchange for a minimum $3 donation to the charity. Friday and Carlos are donating 100% of proceeds to the fund, and to help you decide whether you’d rather help someone in need or buy an overpriced bottle of water, Roz has an added incentive in store:

I will also be available at the H.I. booth at DragonCon on Saturday afternoon, September 3, to sign any prints purchased via donation that weekend for no additional charge.

So if sexy geeks and being compassionate are things you like, then get yourself to the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta on September 3. You’ll love the poster and a fellow geek in need will love you.

[Picture Source: Edson Carlos]

22 Responses to Geek Girl Pinup Poster for a Good Cause

  1. Come see Roz to support a good cause, but stay to see her in her Wonder Woman costume. She is the best Diana I’ve ever seen.

  2. This is a truly beautiful photo, erotic and suggestive without being pornographic. The pin-up is a lost art making a spectacular comeback. Oh, and btw, I see now how sometimes Superman being 'faster than a speeding bullet' might be an embarrassment……………lol!

  3. I agree, can't be at the con, but would love a copy. Also, speaking of the pinup as a lost art, any thought about producing a calendar in this vein? It would likely do very well I should think…

  4. Definitely sexy – I'll be getting a print for my son (for when he's old enough to appreciate this!) at DragonCon, as well as a few prints for friends. I'll be in the same room at the Hyatt at booth 06, so I'm sure we'll bump into one another a few times!


  5. Can't make it to con, but would love this poster! Wish I could find it online T.T

    Agree to DrCapsaicin, It WOULD make a great calendar

  6. I would love a signed one of these. But, alas, I live in England, if anyone fancies sending me one id be muchly grateful.

  7. I even tried to see if I could find a copy on eBay…no dice! People are keeping their finds!

    I have spoken to many friends who would purchase online if they could…please consider!