Star Wars Deleted Scene [Comic]


[Source: Kerry Callen]


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    • It is kind of creepy.

      I guess having the one guy in the actual movie who likes to keep women as sexy pet slaves be a giant disgusting turd-shaped monster wasn't subtle enough for some people.

      I guess the internet is full of Hutts

  1. Wow, this is soo awesome and funny because jokes about the forcible imprisonment of women are edgy and ironic. I don't know what's worse, this lowest common denominator, misogynistic sort of trope that is perpetuated, or the fact that it becomes so ingrained into the stereotype of geek culture due to the unwillingness of anyone to stand up and say this is inappropriate.

    The only way it could have been better would be to give her a black eye, or to have her wake up with Chewie mid intercourse; 'cause that's what every stereotypical 'geek' dreams about, right. [/sarcasm]

    • what did you do? spend like 20 minutes studying a thesaurus to make this ONE post? shit ima offer you a job, to put that much effort forth for such a little gain. ;)

    • It isn't funny because it's that Leia's tied up. It's funny because Han Solo was a bit of a womanizer and in love with Leia in the first place, so it's not out of the imagination for him to do that. Now I'm going to gaslight you a bit and say that it's a joke and please calm down.

      But on the other hand, you definitely do have a point. It's crap like this that gives geek culture a bad name with women, so it is a bit chauvinistic.

  2. I'd give my left testicle to spend 1 hour with young Carrie Fisher. Harrison Ford is one lucky SOB. And what the hell is up with the people getting offended by this? It's a damned joke, a cartoon for Christ's sake. Get a sense of humor people.

  3. Unfortunately that is not a loin cloth the princess is wearing. She has hand maidens who finely braid her pubic hair into that shape. Remember the ear muff hair do?

      • I did notice that he definitely didn't rescue her in 'Jedi', though he was one of her rescuers in 'New Hope'. However, neither did she rescue him. She tried and failed. Luke, Lando, and R2 rescued them all.

  4. Everyone's complaining about the bondage thing… has no one noticed that that looks NOTHING like Leia? That's my problem.