Monday Morning Links Serving: The June 11th Edition


-A More Secure Home WiFi Design
Tim over at DCOT has recently published a great article on how to boost the security of your home WLAN. Definitely worth the read if you are feeling concerned about villains accessing your network wirelessly.

-Top 10 Ubuntu applications
Today we’ve chosen our favorite ten Ubuntu software applications that are exclusive to GNU/Linux. Add them to your Ubuntu desktop to make your install pop.

-10 Steps to a Zen-like Working Environment
Here’s a great piece on how to turn your desk into a calm, serene and productive work space.

-Essential HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and miscellaneous cheatsheets
There are a ton of free cheatsheets, quick references, and downloadable resources for programming languages and related technologies online — in this post I’ve tried to organize and list some of the best for web development.

-Young Bill Gates
A quick history of Bill Gates in pictures.


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